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it is a site where i transfer money by wire transfer and then when i win, i can make withdrawals in 5-10 minutes with certain amounts of money transfer. i am not a fan of live betting, so i prefer this site because of the odds. i usually shoot in 3-digit numbers and i definitely left some in my account to play again.


it is a site that has great problems in live betting. namely; while adding a match to the coupon, the coupon adds the match you chose an hour ago to the coupon itself, you cannot delete it, or it completely removes all selections or something, so it gets stuck on its head. this uselessness cannot be played further from this site.


(see parapet)


the site i recommended to all my friends misled me today. although the betting options were limited, we did not make any noise, but today they surprised me. event in a nutshell; while waiting in line at blackjack in the live casino, the site used all my money in the baccarat by itself, first won and then 0, the site did it by itself. at first, i said there was a mistake, i went to live support, i thought they would help, but they did not help me and they drove me crazy. huh, was the number a big thing? it wasn't. but the quality of the site was evident. never again.


it is a site that should definitely not be played. you have to catch an eagle with your mouth to win the bonuses. it's not enough, they don't give you your earnings. they get away with saying the system has been updated. perabet is regret!


do not do not do not play from this site and do not play. they never took all my money in the safe under the name of casino pro plus stuff. i opened a game to play, the balance is 0, and i looked and the casino was beaten. live support didn't help at all. after a little research, i saw that it has happened to many people. never again as the friend above said


the worst part is that they never allow you to close your account, it is not possible to win anything from slot games anyway. if you win something, it doesn't take 5 minutes to give it back again (tested and approved many times). even when you play for real money for fun, you can experience that games are definitely losing.

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