advice for women who want to be elegant

advice for women who want to be elegant

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i will say do not try to be recommended. every thing you are trying to be is a makeshift grin on you. be whatever your natural state is. if you are elegant, you are elegant anyway.

those who are elegant reveal themselves with their walk, speech, smile, mood and movement. if you want to be polite, at least don't speak slang and abusive.


i say don't eat too much, i take care of my work.


i do not know what's next, i think it is a subject that i do not need any advice from someone else.


have an elegant smile. how will this happen? i can act as if i stand in front of the mirror and look more elegant as i smile.

during a graceful smile, how much of the teeth to show, the opening of the eyes can be studied.
look at your hair and hands.

although men look at breasts, men look at the ass, men are not your target audience anyway, remember.

do not change your style, intonation, gestures and facial expressions while speaking.

use turkish correctly. do not speak your mouth in foot, do not use adolescent jargon.


be yourself.
(see: every woman is elegant)


move very slowly. do not move at all while sitting. watch the emptiness with an expressionless, steady gaze.


rule # 1: don't resonate these types of titles.


no matter how much advice is given, it is the advice that will come to nothing.

because one cannot be elegant, it is born elegant. for example, an elegant woman can make you think thinly. but if a person can't think thin ??? ....

but if a few suggestions are required to look elegant as an image;

absolutely do not speak abusive, slang.
do not laugh like an animal.
low-cut does not mean being elegant.
stand up straight. walk upright.
do not lean on the plate while eating.


let them take me as an example.


do not take on the atmosphere that i created these little mountains. you get very repulsive.


be a child of a good family. of course, i do not know how you can achieve this before you are born.
girls with a good family usually grow up with good quality, their education, social environment, and human relations are mostly high quality. the manners, knowledge, taught rules and values ​​from their families enable you to develop as an elegant person.

be yourself

zafir women make everything they touch even more beautiful.

look really. whatever that woman is doing, she does an immaculate job.

it doesn't matter whether it is small or big because it does. they care about everything they do.

it's not just business. they also know how to caress people's feelings.

most importantly, talking is the key to the elegant woman. they know good manners and never talk idly. he thought and chose every word he would say, without saying it. like a 1-piece puzzle, each snaps into place.

elegant women who are calm. they don't question a thousand things within themselves and not even give you one.

some women are naive ... in short, the word is elegant. they never try to be elegant ...


(see: you either have grace or you don't)

elaine benes - grace


i understand goodwill, but don't waste it. if you are trying to be elegant, you are not elegant. if you are not elegant, you cannot be elegant.

elegance is innate. you either have it or not.


even if they are graceful, their spit-spitting bingo be elegant, my friend, right.