advice for camping tent buyers

advice for camping tent buyers

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don't make love with a light inside after you buy it, otherwise you look like you're fucking karagöz with hacivat


do not spend a lot of money on the tent. stay away from decathlon or similar places. first of all, go to maltepe market or similar places. get the cheapest. because staying in a tent will turn into torture for those who don't like it. please consider these. the cheapest mat, the cheapest sleeping bag, the cheapest tent will do the job in summer. wise advice.


the tent is manageable, but get the mattress (mat) or sleeping bag of good quality.


if you are going to buy a camping tent, do not have a baby right away. use it at least a few times, it's worth it. otherwise, after a year or two, you will find yourself playing house with your baby.


there are many details that you should pay attention to before buying a camping tent. - under what conditions and for what purpose will you use the tent? - how much experience do you have about using tents and camping? - how many tents do you need? - is it weight or durability? - how much is your budget? source: 10 important issues when choosing a camping tent

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