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grooveshark client is written with this.. they update every day, everyrrr day, every day without exception, maybe a few times a day.. 32 and 64 bit is installed on 3 separate windows 7 machines.. i understood that if you want to use an application written with air, you need to use it that day before. you have to open it, then close it with the warning of adobe air, update the air, then open that application again. what is this..


with the 2.7 version released on june 14, 2011, gnu/linux support was discontinued. for those who want to use air on linux, the last version they can use is 2.6. in short; (see: fucks)


unlike flash player, the program offered by adobe, which i still can't figure out what it does.


since i don't have a zibillion-dollar computer, it is a rich internet application tool that puts you in your hand like an ox, wraps it around your waist, does push-ups on your ears, and stretches it for two eightys*. what is it, when we set this up, we were able to use rich internet applications from the desktop without any platform difference. but the solution is simple sudo apt-get purge adobeair * get you rich internet app. if one day i'm as rich as adobe, an app i'll make just for fun poor internet application*


the application that i removed from my phone because i couldn't figure out what trouble it was.


as of today, version 2.7 has been released, it's beautiful but its name is quite illogical 'runtime'. since; "air = adobe integrated runtime" then becomes "adobe air = adobe adobe integrated runtime", isn't that a bit strange, dear adobe? [note: details of version 2.7 can be viewed here. ]


programs made with it are cumbersome you know. for example, there is a video player made by adobe, you leave the computer to calculate until the video you want to watch opens, when you return to the room, the temperature increases by 4-5 degrees, and if the video has not started playing, it will start soon.


bağbaşı buses, which used to fill in 0.023 seconds, are now filling up in half an hour. thanks for freezing time adobe air