adnan Ötüken provincial public library

adnan Ötüken provincial public library

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went to buy a book recently, aside from being rude and disgusting, the woman in the borrowing unit was gossiping on the phone by keeping people waiting, the prestige of the library was zero in my eyes, the staff needs to be more decent


it is a favorite place for young people who study for 5 minutes and take a 10-minute cigarette break. interestingly, those over the age of 15 are prohibited from buying books from the children's section.


a place where you should not go to study, do research or read a book. because young people, mostly middle school students, coming out of the classrooms around, make jokes under the guise of studying here. of course, in this case, you will be unable to do anything. i say ok...


with its vast underground warehouses, the number of books that even its employees don't fully know, its gloomy exterior paint, that dense, dusty, mysterious smell of books and its great hall full of magic, every time i go to it, i look like hogwarts, an authoritative but charming deputy director with the spirit of librarianship. the beautiful library that resides on the doves street.


it is the library that is located on kumrular street in ankara, which i went to once and loved. it is an invaluable blessing for those who cannot study at home. there are those who work for sbsye, there are also those who work for the finals. in the first half hour, it is tried to concentrate, the people around are examined, the age distribution is tried to be solved, then you become one of them and you find yourself immersed in the lesson, having already spent 2 hours.


the library building was taken from the ministry of culture and allocated to the ministry of finance. we may see shopping malls, residences, etc. in a near future. news link


he is in ankara, kızılay.*