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(see monthly indicator)


employees in the service staff cannot receive additional indicators. finished. in the past, servants used to finish high school or even aöf if they were determined from outside, one way or another, and moved to one of the civil servant cadres. they could even be the manager, let alone the additional indicator. since the criteria of "progression and merit" put into effect by bülent ecevit have changed, and most importantly, they are subject to an exam, they are doomed to remain as servants. edit: promotion and merit criteria (by bulent ecevit) are definitely not a bad thing.


the highest is currently 1 degree and with 8000 additional indicators, the undersecretary of the prime ministry, the head of religious affairs and the deputy ministers. new civil servants with a bachelor's degree start with additional indicators around 850-950.


the highest indicator is the undersecretary of the prime ministry (formerly), that is, for now, the president is not the head of administrative affairs, but the chief of the general staff. cb administrative affairs dept. (highest civil servant) 8000 additional indicators, chief of staff: 9000 additional indicators.


amount is calculated as follows: additional indicator amount = additional indicator x monthly coefficient


do you know what the deep state is, it is the person or people who wrote the algorithm for this additional indicator. the state is hidden here.


it is regulated in tables 1 and 2 in addition to the law numbered 657, numbered 2, for which you have to wait for 10 years (roughly) and those that will be calculated for a shorter period of time, that is, those calculated according to your degree, are shown in the table no 1, so it can be calculated and accrued in 3 years.

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