activated carbon

activated carbon

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meret splashing black for days


a substance obtained by carbonization of soft woody wood pieces such as linden and willow, also called activated charcoal, and used as an antidote in cases of poisoning due to its ability to adhere to surfaces, by covering the poisonous substance and absorbing the toxin, preventing it from passing into the blood and absorption from the small intestine.


while it is a substance used in the treatment of many poisonings, i do not understand where it was integrated into the world of gastronomy. people started to die because of activated carbon bread. (see activated charcoal)


it was also used in making black ice cream. i expect it to be used in many foodstuffs and become more and more common.


it is said to help clear the candida fungus from the intestines. it is mentioned that after taking probiotics, it can regulate the intestinal flora effectively and quickly.


besides the incredibly large surface area, it contains pure carbon that is willing to chemically combine with everything, so there is no poison etc. around. no matter how many elements or compounds there are, it bonds tightly to itself and cleans the environment.


one of the latest trends. the product that is always in fashion and that people strive to achieve is this time food items made with activated carbon. hamburger buns, cocktails etc. porridge was popular at one time, and now it's time for activated carbon. let's see what big capital and advertising companies will direct people's new needs to from now on.


it does not work for lithium, iron, cyanide, alcohol, hydrocarbon, strong acid and pesticide poisoning.