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few groups came out of the continent called australia, however, if you add all the groups of scandinavian countries that produce a group every two days, it is not possible to even come close to this group even if you multiply it by a number as large as your imagination allows.


the name that comes to mind when it comes to pure rock and roll. for those about to rock we salute you!


the band i listened to while whitewashing. you should see the walls, my dear.


it seems to me that one of the band members, agnus young, swings his left foot forward and bounces forward on his right foot while he is soloing, a move that cannot be done even when the guitar cannot be played. it's inconceivable that he threw himself on his back and continued to solo while crawling. especially the fact that he can do all these for hours at the age of 54 leaves words inadequate.


it has a rhyme-like atmosphere. eg: do you have acdc cd, acdc vcd or acdc dvd? (bkz: fuck you)


asked ritchie blackmore, "what's your favorite band song?" to the question; "of course ac dc. they're very stable. they didn't train when they first started, and they still don't." said group.


the brother of one of the founders was an electrician, he was wandering around while he was playing in the garage or something. they asked, "brother, brother, we are going to form a group, what should we call it", and he said, "eysidisi, what are you talking about, are you uraşçam horse colts?" i know the story