abubekir syphilis

abubekir syphilis

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the incarnation of the retard. a retard can only look so retarded in physical structure.


this man openly argues that atheists should be killed. while dissident people are being arrested for weed and crappy reasons, this man goes on tv and says it casually and continues his life and work. here is the new the country that the akp has deliberately built.


the person who summed up the culture and understanding of islam by saying "cry while reading the Quran, if you can't cry, pretend to cry".


an islamist who honestly says what all religious people want to say and cannot say. the man openly says that you will kill those who do not pray and those who apostatize, that this is the Qur'an, this is islam. he says you will not bend. he says that you will beat a woman, this is the Quran. so be clear. in short, this is islam. isis does what islam is!


this man is unfortunately real. he's not an actor or something, there really is such a person.