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prickly pear eye serum is a vegan skin care brand that made milia for me -unfortunately-. my expectation was high, i was very sad.


it is a brand that i use a lot. but it's a little annoying that they are constantly talking about a raise. okay, i'm sure raw materials are also expensive, but they're not cheap either. other than that, i find it very successful. products make people feel good.


i will try the product for eczema and edit it. i was scared by the crimson face. edit after a long time: finally i was able to try it. as a private person, i don't know much about these things, but i found it very successful. reduced the redness, it is recommended.


awesome business residing in Çeşme that sells completely vegan cosmetic products**.


i am using the pink mud clay mask. i like the effect.


a strange company that increases its products by 10 lira every month. they urgently need to review their pricing policy.

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