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it is a new series that started on the axn channel as of september 26. it was interesting from the first episode, we'll see if it will be successful. --- spoiler --- plot: it tells the story of an fbi agent who disappeared and was declared dead in boston, 6 years later, when he was in pursuit of a serial killer, he was found in a cabin. this missing fbi agent sister does not remember anything about the time she disappeared and is trying to regain her old life. she sees that her husband is also getting married, and she finds herself again in the murder case. --- spoiler --- edit: topic


unnecessary video that came to us as a result of the screenwriter's transferring the idea of a freak between two sons to the film.


(see: absence)


for the series; it's a drama that tries to get a mouse-faced skinny-like woman to pass us off as jason bourne.. it's bullshit, inconsistent and full of mistakes.. you're only pulling her out of the water tank at 13 min, but her hair is dry, come and watch the whole season saying ehhh. the frenzy of putting yourself in the lead role in the series you are producing...


the series that i watched and liked the first two episodes aired. recommended.


the story is above average, but the fiction is not close to the quality of the story; it is a series that can get on your nerves with obvious logic errors, prevent you from going to the second season with the line "that's it", which is possible to get rid of after the first season is over. probably, if it was a mini-series, there would be much less logic errors, and one could enjoy eating a cashew. i can't say it didn't happen, even if i say it did, i would be disgracing a lot of productions. 6/10


nick you gave me cancer nick