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a year starting with l

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- city?? - i couldn't find it.. - i didn't find it either.. - i found it, lömburdek village.. heyyytt 30 points for me - what the hell??? - our village is connected to lem.. lüleburgaz.. - what's the matter.. - lüleburgaz has city status bro.. that's what happens when our village is connected to it.. - !?!!?! - damn


(see: livaneli)


strong opponent forbids writing a city from abroad (see #13333958) a stronger opponent finds a way, breaks through the ban.. (see: #13334002) this game ends at the police station.. there was a great need for provinces and even provinces starting with the letter l in this country. .. so that there will be no fights, so that our young people can play as brothers and sisters..


(see: limassol) (see: lefkosa) (see: baby homeland)


(see: animal names starting with the letter n)


(see: circling churches in name city animal game)


name city * is the part where you get "0" points when played with strong opponents.. because strong opponent forbids entering cities from abroad.. the same problem applies to a city that starts with the letter c... i will remember if the cizre is a city campaign does not start..

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