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a pair of hearts

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the book i read when i was little. for some reason, the clearest of the scenes that came to life in my dreams was the communication with the crocodiles and then the crocodiles leaving the lake calmly.


it didn't affect me at all, even i was so bored while reading it, but these situations are rare for me. it must be because i am not interested in the subject.


--- spoiler --- "the only way to overcome a test is to come face to face with it." "we would soon realize that getting rid of material objects and some prejudgments was the necessary and indispensable step of that march towards existence." --- spoilers ---


it is a book that makes me think over and over again how commodity-dependent our life is every time i read it, and that i keep on my bedside. i wonder if i can really live their life, that simplicity. every time i run away and want to come between them, i wonder if they'll pick me up.


(bkz: running away from home to be an aboriginal)


this is one of the books that impressed me immensely. one of the rare books read in one breath.


a novel by marlo morgan. there is a sentence in that book that sticks in his mind like a mih. it just says: ' what is desired is the excitement of happiness, not the object itself.'


novel about an unexpected 120-day adventure of a woman i just finished with an aboriginal tribe