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the porn with songs. also for the dialogue that develops while watching the movie: - brother, even my breasts are bigger than this woman's. - you couldn't compete with the man's mind, are you competing with the woman's breast?


a movie that tricks the lover who doesn't want to watch porn to watch porn. i think it's nothing else.


it's a pointless movie that makes you say "is this it". there were people who came out in the middle of the movie. i wasn't sure what it was for; either they couldn't stand watching**, or they couldn't even stand watching.


the highly anticipated film in which the british scissors decided not to shear, considering it had no pornographic intent. of course, we are scissors, and instead of translating it as nine songs, we display it as "sex to the ends".


the movie, which can be summarized as 9 posts between 9 songs... although the analogy of antarctica is tried to be explained as two people in bed can cause both claustrophobia and agoraphobia, i think it's unnecessary and insufficient... but i don't think michael winterbottom is obsessed with it, lynch it and do whatever he wants. he made a movie like, what he wanted to give with what symbol, that's how he gave it. but when i am satisfied, i do not disappear.* there is a good reference on the poster of the movie, by the way.*