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under the name of opportunity; "your loan has been approved. you can instantly withdraw a 36-month loan up to 50,000 tl on your behalf. please call our customer representative immediately to have it approved 08882999696 b250 ". he doesn't care be careful please


the number of the scammers who also send under the name "from sme" and which i learned later. i think this message is sent to almost everyone (for example, if it works). it has left us, who have recently applied for a kosgeb support loan, hesitant. but the fact that sms came to different numbers instead of the contact number and the contact number was suspicious already prevented us from calling.


minute of calling this number is 15 tl, and even if you call to swear, it's raining for the owners of the line, it may arouse joy. for tariff information, see [avea]: http://bit.ly/avea888 if i were him instead, i would call the company called advocat information and legal technology services, which allocates the line to these people, from a regular tariff phone... it writes less..


the fake phone that sent me a message today. there is no institution name.


the number that sends a message like "your 50,000 tl loan has been approved". scam number, i can't do business with credit, i did something from there. it's obvious when you research it.

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