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68 generation

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the 68 movements were a universal action based on the dream of "raise, destroy and build a more beautiful world" instead of the current general discourse "travel, dust, have fun" in universities. usa, tokyo, mexico city, london, madrid, warsaw, belgrade, beijing, prague, istanbul and of course paris, the capital of 68, dragged a generation after him with countless uprisings. oddly enough, all these people are now our parents, and they are millions of light years away from their big dreams..


they defended 68 for years. finally they discovered 69 too.


the generation expressed with the following words in the documentary 68 of the country: they liked the state of objection, they sang folk songs about the sea through their state of being human


generations of 68 had ideals. they fought for those ideals. they went to jail. they died. now, if we live in an environment of limited freedom, if we have more or less democratic rights, we owe it to them a little bit.


it is a generation that took to the streets with the aim of "let's fix the universities, let's build a university that suits us", but later the target was enlarged and "let's fix this country, let's establish a truly independent country, so that the whole world can see". (see: sixth fleet) (see: fully independent the country)


i think at that time they were stuck political because the fashion was to be political. just like listening to jazz (or rock) because it was fashionable to listen to jazz (or rock). in my opinion, there is nothing generation-specific. they were people who did whatever was in fashion back then. later, a large percentage of this generation was established at the forefront of capitalism and they are not bothered at all.