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odeabank's new generation phone perversion service. from time to time, it rings and hangs up, when i make it ring for a long time, i open it by saying "i guess he will say something this time", he does not speak, so i blow with the old habit. different.


whenever i try to play fun run, the number is calling. they made me enjoy the game as well, thank you. their record for today is 7. let's see how many times they will call tomorrow.


code number for my new perv. i blocked the number but i can show it as a missed call. as of now, they have called 61 times in the last 8 days. i'm not yet saying "enough, don't call anymore" by removing the block for the sake of being dirty. maybe i will open it in their search for the hundredth.


i called the call center, but no one picks up, it must be the product of the working style, it gets people's nerves by not calling and talking. at least put on a good song so we can listen to it


possible call center and central phone to be used by odea bank in the country.


ringing phone number. at one time, the guarantee bank was doing this. it's not clear whether it's a pervert or a bank seriously.