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my new phone stalker. i have been called 5 * times by this number even though i said i don't want to call me every time since tuesday. so if this isn't perversion, what is? do i have to block them from my phone, who are you that you can call me 5 times as i said i don't want? enough bro, don't call anymore.


tivibu customer service number. they call 5 times a day, you pick up, you wait on the phone, in accordance with the vision of the company, the phone hangs up without anyone speaking.


they've been calling 5 times a day for 2 days, they've been bothering me, i won't say anything...


a very corporate tv line that looks and doesn't talk. i want an interlocutor, come out and i will settle accounts with you. fuck your corporate communications.


this is the number you need to call before you have 444 1 444 /ext 4 nerves, the number in the entry header has been out of service for 10 days. long live @roger that (see #71461742)


i looked at the automatic, they are calling all the time, i thought i'd meet and get rid of it. i barely escaped. they are very persistent. i've made a contract with turkcell tv plus. it still says if there is a second tv in the house. he said yuhh... the last one you know will be interested


he called repeatedly on saturday morning like a pervert at 10:39 11:16 11:30 12:32 but i didn't answer and then i blocked him. probably, and judging from what was written, it was related to product sales.


tivibu customer service number. they call 5 times a day and listen to jingles. it's very entertaining. if i wasn't their customer, i would definitely buy it as a result of this brilliant marketing initiative.

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