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these days, he calls me constantly, and when i pick up, he doesn't speak for 6 seconds. number that hangs up. i don't understand what's wrong with you, are you crazy? what is it like to call 3 times a day and do this!!!!1!!1!!bir!


i discovered a feature like caller blocking on my phone. i also recorded as a single person many phone numbers that constantly harassed, such as 444 1 444, digitürk, and some bank 444. then i added this person i saved to the phone book to the list of blocked calls. as they call, their calls are kept busy. i don't know if they care, but they don't even know i'm being called.


technological(!) company service burning with service love - have a nice day. i'm calling from turk telekom customer service. am i talking to flues? - yes, here you go. - first of all, our conversations are recorded so that we can serve you better. i am trying to reach your information. yes, i can't access your information right now. we'll call you back later. thanks for your time.


it is the number that has fake versions with area codes such as 312, 212 at the beginning. they call, we pick up, they listen quietly... not me, but when they came across my mother, they spoke. they said we will change your tariff with a special package if you pay 1 tl difference. my mother also liked it and said ok. then give your credit card information, they said, let's withdraw 1 tl. i caught my mother trying to get the card out of her wallet and we were happy.


calling, i'm not picking up, i'm picking up, not talking, too many feet number.


don't understand what they're after. they have been ringing and closing this number for 5 days. i think they missed me, but they can't find the strength to muster up their courage and talk. damn :/


it has the ability to call both mobile and home phone at the same time. scares.

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