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number that harasses you about 10 times a day. i can't block it because i have an old wedge phone. at least let me curse here so i can relax: fuck all of your past, from the owner of the voice on that phone to the tea man of the calling company..


now when you call, "dear customer, the conversation is being recorded for your safety. if you accept and approve the recording of your conversation, press 1." ykb phone center says. the interesting thing is "i don't want to register. i don't accept either!" they don't give you the option. you will gladly* press 1.


in order to reach the customer representative, you must first wait 2 for the credit card menu and then dial 7 and then 2 without entering the credit card number. i tried hard and found it, so others should not bother.


customer service call center that makes the customer wait for at least 10 minutes after entering all kinds of information. i waited patiently, they opened. i don't know how much the phone money cost, but i made that money you paid illegal, so you know. let's have a good work.


you called this number but could not find how to connect to the customer representative, you can reach it by dialing the numbers on the following link: http://www.yapikredi.com.tr/…steriimize-icin.aspx to connect directly to the customer representative, code the following: 1-4-4 credit card transactions 2-3-4 banking transactions 3-5 password transactions 4-4 internet banking


it is the line where customer representatives always talk to other customers, show interest in them, and turn away from you.


the one with +54 at the beginning has been calling since morning. i guess my peso account at the yapıkredi buenos aires branch is due :/