432 hertz

432 hertz

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frequency considered to be in harmony with the order of nature. of course, there is no clear scientific proof on the subject, but when you listen to the music separately at two different frequencies, 432 hertz is definitely more relaxing. especially while studying, 432 hertz meditation, zen, classical piano music allows you to focus for hours without distraction.


it is the sound frequency that is said to be consistent with the frequencies of the universe. http://www.okanyesilyurt.com/…bu-440hz-432hz-olayi/ 432 hz arrangements of some songs http://video site/…ist?list=ple3ddfa500b513abe


decide for yourself video site/watch?v=lvovr9uwoqm


it is the frequency with which classical music works are more harmonious. chopin 432hz


frequency that can be tried on some music players by pitch shifting, which really provides a noticeable improvement. i'm testing with neutron music player on android and -for now- foobar2000 on windows with lossless format (m4a) works, i can say that the music feels much closer and better. the value i entered for pitch shifting in neutron is 0.98181818182, in foobar2000 it is -0.32 semitones.