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if you don't use a mobile phone, you won't be able to shop, moreover, it's a ridiculous application that doesn't tell you about this situation in writing, take my body part, this is always with me, the service sector, which constantly produces new problems instead of solutions, continues to work...


the system that i can not understand which service is left optional. some sites offer this optionally. now i am shopping from a site and it says do you want to use 3d secure. since i did the process myself, what if sms came, what if it didn't. if someone else is using my card information, it may pass by saying i don't want to use it. where was the security? if anyone knows the difference from not offering this option at all, please enlighten me. it should either be mandatory or not at all, otherwise it's meaningless.


great security system. i changed the security question of 3d secure services in all my banks to "i'm afraid of such a system". i will call customer service and ask them to remind me of my security sentence.


the sites that i don't understand either ask for all the information up to cvc2 and then transfer it to the bank's 3d page. it feels like the bank is taking care of itself, not us.


since i am abroad and i have to pay bills, it is a 2-step password creation method that i have to use, but does not fall on my phone. bravo, fuck anyone who thinks.

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