3 million nusret bill

3 million nusret bill

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What the hell is 405 dollars for 9 glasses of water in my moments. This is the water from the fountain of youth.


which looks more like a petrus bill to me than a nusret bill. A strange amount of money was not paid for the meal. They may also have said that we don't like the food and have a drink.


The invoice that I was ashamed of on behalf of someone else when I saw the shared Instagram account.


It is an incident of sharing how bad the level of income inequality in the world is from a social media account with 50 million followers.


The one of 2009 petrus is already about 500000 TL. two million. There are also 5 bottles of other wine. Most of the money went to drinks. (bkz: alcohol is the root of all evil)


It's a perfectly normal account that makes you wonder who drinks Heineken. It's the wines that make the million-dollar account. What is it like to drink heineken while the man next to you is drinking petrus? now comes one: a minimum wage father; If he ordered his child a bottle of petrus and ordered a portion of golden ottoman...


he works for 15 units per hour, this fag shamelessly cut the waiters tips


The money has to be returned among these jackals so that the system can continue, or will they shove so much wealth into their ass? look at the names that are golden ottoman hahah.


only 5% of the bill is food, the rest is expensive drinks.

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