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tax contact center and tax evasion hotline call center number belonging to the ministry of treasury and finance. alo maliye 189 is written on some old model official vehicles belonging to maliye. image


it's been 28 minutes and i still couldn't connect to the customer representative. thanks to them, they made me listen to crappy sound quality classical music for half an hour in the morning. the answer to my question took 10 seconds. everything is difficult in the country. image


number changed to 4440189 (see: 4440189)


notification service of finance. you can report any tax evasion incidents you see to this number, and you can even win an award.


the number of the bus going to sancak mahallesi in ankara. it doesn't happen very often. unlike 185 and 188, which run on similar lines, after simon bolivar boulevard, it turns not to turan güneş, but to cairo street, from there, after returning to konrad adenauer, it exits from ukraine street to turan güneş. there are usually old uncles*, aunts* on these buses. along the way, it is likely that questions such as whether this bus is reserved for the elderly only, or did i take the wrong bus.


tax advice service across the country.


a number that is exactly divisible by 9, even the number that gives 21 when divisible by 9...


(see: 188/2)