17 years

17 years

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it is the age when the biggest mistakes are made, the most wrong decisions are made, and the biggest regrets are experienced by feeling grown up. at least for me.


see the eminent group named travis about 17 years old why does it always rain on me? what he says in his work: "...why does it always rain on me? is it because i lied when i was seventeen?..." experiences his first love. dilemmas live. experiences stress. becomes rebellious. it becomes unbearable. becomes a liar. filth is a thing 17 green. very prone to error.


was your age when you graduated when high school was 3 years.


it is gray of colors, it is neither "we grew up and the world is dirty", nor is it the purity of childishness. in short: purgatory. (see purgatory)


the last years when a person who has grown up early can be hot inside.


it is a rare period in human life when turning 18 is eagerly awaited. at the same time, it is often the nerve-racking period, as 18 is waiting for a driver's license, to go to the bar and club, and 1 year remains. at the same time, it is the age spent by solving tests at the doors of classrooms, since the mentality that the only way to save people's lives and have a good life in our country is to go to a good university. these absurd times spent in the classroom after years are remembered in friend chats.


it is the heaviest age of a person's life.. on the one hand, he does not pass the Öss exam, on the other hand, the age of 18, when he is of age and can enter the bars, when his license is obtained and to show off to his friends, does not come..


it is the age at which revolts against the family are at the highest level. dangerous.

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