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considering that 155 is a police rescue, this is traffic, maydat!


kelikpınarı-sokullu-kizilay-ulus line with the highest number of elderly passengers among ego lines.(i learned from a driver.)


a distinguished bus that goes between kızılay-ulus-keklikpınarı-sokullu. once, i got on at around 10 in the morning, i will go to the lesson over the red crescent. wouldn't even one young person be on the bus? there are old/middle-aged people – but mostly old people – in their daily clothes on the bus. i don't know what they are doing at that hour. i think they never get off the bus and tour all day long. wow kebab.


(see albums where all tracks are good) i should have known better, the 15th, a touching display, map ref. a post-punk album with songs like 41 n 93 w. on the whole, it's even better. our wire friends taught what an album is and what it is not.


it is the number that was deprecated about 10 years ago but is still thought to be in use. our necip nation learns something in a long time, and they do not forget what they learned for a long time


(see emergency phones)