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the channel, which received 60,000 (sixty thousand) dollars of funding support by the us-based chrest foundation. visual (there is also a mediascope in the list, if you pay attention), i recommend you to watch the broadcasts he has made so far and will do from now on. they also thanked the friedrich naumann foundation for the video they made about ali babacan called history repeating. german-american added. (bkz: the one who eats the gavur's bread steals the gavur's sword)


it is defended by the unconscious who think that they are only funded with $ 60,000. it is obvious why they shot a pr video for ali babacan, how they were indirectly funded or how they paid the fund's diet. don't be stupid. ha akp ha ab. first father, then the groom, who made the economy this way, but erdogan, who put them in this position in the first place. tomorrow, 140journos will make a video on how i have changed, and you would agree with berat albayrak.


because of his latest videos, the criticisms ranged from being innocent to making propaganda for a terrorist organization. the country is such a country. if they say that the video makers are terrorists and put them in jail tomorrow, be sure that more than half of the country will applaud. if they hadn't made that video then he says. thus, we put a new tick on our country's ugliness and ugliness. we are such a country. we are ugly.


the video site channels that shoot documentaries like 140journos: (see grapefruit tv). (see topic). (see +90). (see zyef film production). (see pocket stories). (see storybox). (see beta video). (see storylab). (see: artbase movie). moreover; (see bbc news in the). (see: dw the).


5 minutes since the video was uploaded. you watched the video for 30 minutes and how many times did you think it was a legendary video.


“for better or worse, we had a sense of shame. we would blush, we would be ashamed. politicians as well... i mean, were the politicians in the past very decent? i don't know about bribery or anything. oh, that would be a lot. they were ashamed when they were caught and held to account. their faces would turn red, they would resign. the feature of this established regime is no longer anyone's will, but you are dependent on someone else's will; this is characteristic of the established regime. there is no resignation mechanism. he can only forgive you, forgive the mission.” prose nas, (140journos, history repeats)


if they told the story of the state gardener and recep tayyip erdogan, which started with big fights and turned into a great love, to be passed on to future generations, it would be delicious. we will see again why we should not believe the politicians.