13 january 2020 matthijs de light instagram post

13 january 2020 matthijs de light instagram post

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oh i hate my life. i swear i've reached the level of suicide now. look here, what beautiful problems people have, mk. what are we going through. you live this life expands... helaaal.


this is the character of the men who the the girl has lined up to give and to whom she has traveled thousands of kilometers. *


man has come here it says don't get mad. you know, if merih was politically close to a certain group, i think that the man is against them. but it's not. what enmity did you have against the the people, my brother, to the point of saying do not make us angry against the sharing of the dutchman of your hand? what have we done to you if you really hate us so much, go live as a refugee in europe, which you love so much.


okay, he doesn't have to, he doesn't have to say goodbye at all, but posting a picture of him with bonucci the day after the man's injury, i don't know, it's a bit of a solid faggot.


do you want merich to comment under it? "congratulations to my substitute, he played well. he proved that he can fill me for a while." edit: also, let's pass merih, this guy called de ligt hit the bottom of his character by posting this after a match where zaniolo's book of deeds was closed.


you pray, merih is injured. instagram post of the 80 million euro balloon i said you were cleaning your boots in the cabin otherwise.


it is the sharing of the dutch artillery that i wish to take good care of himself. merih demiral is already suffering from a difficult injury. when he's healed, he'll need solid men like ligt to take the brunt.


it is a share made by an 80 million euro balloon. he also lost the jersey competition he entered this season. when my yigit returns to the field, he will get this yellow centipede jersey back again.