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12th oct- columbus day

history is never true it always depends who is writing it. there are always two angles to a story.


12th oct- columbus day

although in the united states and some other countries, columbus day is part of a colonialist tradition which celebrates the european colonisation of the americas, in latin america this festival has been perceived in radically different ways.

this is partly due to the fact that the core of america's population descends from the original colonizers and later waves of immigration while latin america has a much higher proportion of indigenous people. in many countries of latin america it is called dia de la raza ( day of the people), with an emphasis on celebrating shared latin american culture. during the era of nationalism, this holiday sought to unite varying ethnic groups as part of a greater latin american identity and instill pride in the fusion of cultures that came about as a result of the colonial experiment.

more recently, indigenous rights activists and governments more alined with their interests have pushed the day as one for the acknowledgement of the tragedies of colonialism and the celebration of indigenous culture and history both before and after columbus.


12th oct- columbus day

"history is all his-story"


12th oct- columbus day

columbus not really the first one to discover america. infact, he was rescued by the local red-indians. some says, america was explored by erik land who sent his crew in 1000ad and made the north-atlantic crossing. however, there are several stories about chinese admiral zheng he, who discovered america 70 years before columbus on his way. recently, a chinese map discovered supports this story of exploring north and south america by zheng he.


12th oct- columbus day

a good article profiling educators' recent challenges to older assumptions about columbus in the american education system: www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2015/10/columbus-day-school-holiday/409984/