12.5 cm penis

12.5 cm penis

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it causes a rapidly spreading pain and involuntary contraction of the body muscles when it is stuck in the dry ass suddenly.


(see microwave)


penis size that i believe the majority have, although no one will admit it. (see: what penises i saw, they didn't exist anyway)


situation where i think many of the guys who make fun of it suffer from this affliction. after all, there is a certain average, but we can't all be 20 cm, right?


a unit of measure that seems non-the standard. it's okay, if you ask anyone in our country, everyone's is like a garden hose, like a scarf, whether you water the garden or wrap it around your neck in winter. oh if you ask me about mine ...


(see: i see and drop)


normal human penis. watch this porn with your razor, friend. . .


it is the penis that is the subject of ridicule because of the fact that lexicographers have penises with plenty of veins, 30 cm apart from their heads, standing upright for 6 hours, milking about 5 kilograms per night, and milking about 1 kilo per expedition.