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the game where i regressed from 20m to 1.4m after purchasing zynga. unbelievably, my winning rate, which is officially close to 50%, hovers around 44% in the new period. i can barely win 1-2 out of 10 games, it doesn't allow officially, it says your current chip will run out and you will get chips from us. it turned into a classic zynga game so i start exiting, what should we be proud of..


the game that caused me to be excluded from friend groups because we did not know. no, you taught me but i didn't want it. let's play and you'll find out, yeah, i'll beat those who say. we start playing and after two minutes they forget me. you guys are throwing the man who can't swim into the sea. they name you. be your name.


-open my angle -gaça -if you want gas,i will open it -don't open it then go to the face


101 okey plus is very popular with its disaster graphics. we are in 2020, alooo invest in it!


if you can open and finish all the pieces in your hand without processing, it is a game that does not matter whether your hand has completed 101 or not. the rules on digital platforms may be written differently, but there is also such a rule of the game for the super unfortunate friends mentioned in the above entry.


my reason for liking okay


how can you be so unlucky in this game, my friend, if four hands are pulled out of the ground one after the other, i'm going to go crazy, if you let me play, it's bad luck.


it is a scourge that made me retire in the spring of my youth

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